Thinking of selling your commercial real estate property? Attracting qualified buyers to your listing can be a confusing process. An effective marketing mix of a high-quality brochure, visible signage and an online presence can attract the right buyers for your individual building.

If people are not aware of available properties, they are unlikely to inquire. There is more to advertising your listing than placing a sign and leaving it forgotten. A multitude of advertising strategies will keep your property top-of-mind.

Attracting Quality Leads to your Property…


A high quality, professionally designed brochure can push buyers from “just considering” into picking up the phone and inquiring about the space.


Visible, high quality signage is focused on showing the passing traffic that your building is available for sale, what type of building it is and giving a contact phone number. Some agents focus on their names, titles and logos are more interested in advertising their own business rather than your space. Be sure that the signage for your building advertises the building and not a commercial real estate agent.

Online databases

More and more investors are searching online than ever before. Not only will your listing be on the top commercial real estate databases, it will also be listed on databases that business professionals can access directly. An online presence in multiple databases will allow your building to be viewed by many potential buyers.

Demographics research

If your building is located in an affluent area, you are likely to be able to charge more in rent than a competing building in a less desirable location. Proximity to freeways, airports, major shopping centers and public transportation can all affect your asking price.


Is your competition charging more or less? What services are they offering to new tenants? Incentives and rates from competitive buildings in your area will also be factors to consider when adjusting your pricing.

Traffic counts

Depending on your tenants’ needs, traffic counts – whether high or low – will be preferred by a particular kind of business. Finding your nearest intersection’s traffic count can be a great tool when negotiating with potential buyers.

5 Tips to Selling your Commercial Property

Five tips include how to establish a pricing strategy, understanding investors, marketing your property, property details, and tips on how to find the right commercial real estate agent for you.

• Establish a pricing strategy
• Understand investors’ points of interest
• Marketing your property
• Property types and details
• Much more!